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China Accused of Targeting America’s Vital Computer Network Infrastructure

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The US National Security Agency has accused the Chinese cyber group Volt Typhoon of attacking a computer network of critical US infrastructure.

According to the NSA, “Volt Typhoon attacked networks in critical sectors of the US infrastructure, and this group can apply the same methods against these and other sectors around the world.” The statement stated that “China is using very sophisticated means to attack the critical infrastructure of the United States.”

“For many years, China has been conducting worldwide operations to steal intellectual property and confidential data from critical infrastructure organizations in countries around the world,” said Gene Easterly, head of the US Cyber ​​Infrastructure and Security Agency (CISA).

Brian Warndran, FBI assistant director of cybersecurity, said the bureau “continues to warn China of malicious activity against critical infrastructure organizations.”

Earlier, the National Virus Response Center of China and cybersecurity company 360 published a document on CIA cyber activity, which says that US intelligence facilitated hacker attacks on other countries and participated in color revolutions using Internet technologies around the world.

The document pointed out that the CIA was behind the organization of color revolutions in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, the Middle East and Taiwan, and the United States also tried to cause similar political unrest in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Iran, Lebanon and Myanmar.

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