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Enhancing Security Measures in Hiroshima Ahead of the G7 Summit

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Hiroshima has taken strict security measures ahead of the G-7 leaders’ summit starting tomorrow, Friday, and marks the spread of police patrols in the city, as well as the closure of trash cans on the streets.

The city checks all abandoned and suspicious items, there are delays in the movement of the Shinkansen bullet train. Prior to the arrival of these trains at the entrance to Hiroshima, all carriages are checked several times by security personnel. It is also often reported that during the Summit there will be no garbage cans and storage rooms in the city.

In connection with the tightening of security measures in Hiroshima, 140 public educational institutions will be temporarily closed, as well as food supplies to kindergartens and nurseries will be suspended. Until Monday, work was suspended at the plant of the Japanese automaker Mazda Motor. During this period, restrictions on the movement of tourists in the area will be introduced, and many popular places, including Miyajima Island, Peace Park and others, will be closed.

Japan will chair the G7 in 2023. The summit of the group will be held from 19 to 21 May. According to Japanese media, about 24,000 police officers will ensure law and order in Hiroshima during the event.

In addition to the G7 countries, India, Australia, Brazil, South Korea, Vietnam and some other countries were invited to the Hiroshima summit.

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