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Export of Anti-Muslim Hatred from America to Europe and Asia: A Study

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USA play role in “Exporting” hatred against Muslims in Asia and Europe, amid boom of the issue in Professor Khaled Beydoun, who resides in the United States, told Anadolu Agency (AA) on Tuesday.

“The United States has exported Islamophobia to Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and beyond, in Destructive way Beydoun said.

the professor at Wayne State University School of Law also The US administration said put out a new framework for Islamic identity with rhetoric of “war on terrorAfter the September 11th attacks, as March 15th International Day for eliminate of Islamophobia is approaching.

“the more Muslims appeared more like Muslims more They were suspects of Being involved in terrorism.”

The United States provided a new language of anti-terrorism. In addition, there was a file new Legal and conditional engineering that entered play produced by the United States of engineered, and governments all over world adopted. Specifically governments with vested interests in Embrace this persecution of Muslims new American languageand adopted this new American police model to break down on their Muslim people.

Pointing out that “war on terror” campaign of The United States is effective in wide area From Asia to Europe, Beydoun said, “Before 9/11, Uyghurs were living in China is not defined as terrorist, extremist or affiliated with Transnational terrorist networks.

It was Uyghurs more They are often described as “separatists, vandals, rogues, and criminalbut this new American language of terrorism equipped Chinese government with Unlimited power To neutralize the Uighurs as if they were terrorists. The same applies to India, Myanmar, Sweden, France and the United Kingdom, all of them world,” He said.

5 countries with Most Islamophobia: China, India, France, the United States and Myanmar

Citing his study Beydoun also He said: “First of Everything, I can say that China is the worst because China is an authoritarian country government practicing the most horrible forms of Islamophobia, such as concentration camps and ethnic cleansing. the focus on Islam is kind of Ethnic cleansing aims to destroy Uighurs people through genocide.”

Noting that India ranks first second in Beydoun said, “In India, where he is second- The biggest Muslim population in the world(Prime Minister Narendra) Modi regime and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) using Hindu supremacy as a tool for destroy Muslims in Country. And she does in very dreadful ways, using the law of Citizenship (which excludes Muslims) hijab bans in states, or rape of Citizenship of Muslims.”

France mode in Third place “I would say France is number three because France kind of has it,” Beydoun noted of set on it the form of the West model on how to break down marginalization of Muslims way of Law. We see this remarkably well in Policies like banning headscarves. France objects to the freedom of Muslims of Religion is eroding with Expanded policies, including the veil.

the professor also He said that after France, the country where anti-Muslim sentiment is felt is the United States

The United States is the catalyst for the ‘global war on Terror spreads and globalizes Islamophobia with anti-Muslim languagemaybe even more With a power greater than any other force government in the world. Because the United States is a superpower, right? It’s the most powerful country and government in the worldclaiming that it is democratic. The United States has exported Islamophobia to Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and beyond in destructive way,” He said.

Referring to the situation of Rohingya Muslims in Beydun, Myanmar, said, “We cannot ignore what is happening in Myanmar. tens of thousands of Hundreds of Rohingyas have been killed of thousands of They were displaced by ethnic cleansing in Country. All Muslim villages, towns and communities were destroyed by a strict Buddhist government. “

The media is the ‘enabler’ of Islamophobia’

Talking about role of law f media in the rise of Anti-Muslim sentiments in Beydoun said in recent years, “As a law professorI note that the law is always the most effective way To advance Islamophobia and expand its scope. Like the hijab law in France and citizenship law in India.

“secondly , media. He said that the media perpetuates Islamophobia by spreading negative thoughts, negative stories and negative stereotypes.” media is empowerment of Islamophobia.

Pointing out that Muslims who Being discriminated against, marginalized, or killed by anti-Muslim laws is not sufficiently covered in The media, Beydoun said: VB first book, I wrote that Muslims only deserve publication when they are them bad guys and not when they are victims. After all, there is a Muslim terrorist that each media organization Talking about. is not it? A few media The outlets talk about it when Muslims are the victims of Apocalyptic state-sponsored terrorism in China.”

Islamophobia mix of Fear and hate

Emphasizing that “fear of Islam is deliberately produced by politicians in Societies, Beydoun continued, “Islamophobia is a mixture of Fear and hate. Policy want To advance their political, economic and geopolitical interests by means of using Islamophobia as a tool. governments know What are they doing. Policy know What do they do when they do use Islamophobia as a weapon for support they. For example, former US President Donald Trump declared Islamophobia a weapon. He knew that if he used it as a campaign tactic, he’ll rally his base and get more support for for him campaign. “

Beydoun also Western society is afraid, he said of Islam is the essence of Which you didn’t knowAnd addedThey hate Islam because they don’t know anything about it. There are ideas that Islam is associated with with Terrorism, that Muslims want To conquer and change the European culture oppressed by Muslims women, that Muslims have no desire to integrate into the society they enter. I think this is why ordinary citizens of France, UK, Spain, Italy and other countries hate and fear Muslims. know little about”.

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