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Identify the Trigger Foods: Managing Insatiable Hunger with Your Doctor

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Moscow, April 10 – Nutritionist Alexei Kovalkov warned in an interview with Radio Sputnik that food will stop giving a feeling of satiety in a state of psychological hunger, if certain foods are abused.
He noted that hunger can be not only physiological, but also psychological. The doctor said that a gradual increase in appetite may be a sign that the body really needs nutrients and energy.
And with psychological hunger, Kovalkov continued, the desire to eat arises unexpectedly, and the person clearly understands what product he needs. According to him, this feeling is hormonal in nature.
“Psychological hunger, in contrast to physiological, arises spontaneously and suddenly. At the same time, a person always knows what he wants. He goes to the refrigerator, knowing that there is a piece of sausage or a bun left. Psychological hunger appears due to a lack of endorphins (hormones of happiness, – Ed. ), not calories,” Kovalkov explained.
Consuming fatty and sugary foods can contribute to the production of endorphins in the body. The doctor added that this method of influencing the hormonal background loses its effectiveness if it is used frequently.
“If you abuse fatty and sweet foods, the way to get endorphins will stop working. And we will experience insatiable hunger,” Alexey Kovalkov warned in an interview with Sputnik Radio.
The doctor came to the conclusion that a patient with “inexhaustible” psychological hunger is advised to visit specialists – a nutritionist and a psychologist.
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