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In the United States a new deception of a notorious congressman is revealed

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Washington, February 25 – Another revelation regarding the notorious member of the US House of Representatives, Republican George Santos, was published on Friday in the Politico edition: according to her, the congressman already in 2017 credited himself with a job in a large bank, trying to release a “family friend” on bail.
George Santos lied to a Seattle judge in 2017 that he worked for Goldman Sachs in a bail case against a “family friend” who later pleaded guilty to ATM fraud, referring to audio recordings in his possession.
“I am a rising politician working for Goldman Sachs,” Santos said in response to the judge’s questions.
The high-profile story about Santos, who was elected to Congress only in November last year, really flared up in December, when The New York Times published an article revealing about the many inconsistencies in the biography of the newly elected deputy. One of them was a statement that he worked for the investment bank Goldman Sachs. The company denied this, and Santos himself defended himself by saying that he works for a company that “has a limited partnership” with one of the largest investment banks in the world.
In light of the revelations, several investigations have been conducted against Santos at the federal and state levels, but despite calls from members of Congress from both parties, he will not relinquish his membership in the House of Representatives and maintains that he has not done so. You violate laws.

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