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Lukashenko confirms deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus by Russia

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Russia has begun moving Nuclear weapons for its ally, Belarus, the powerful statesman Alexander Lukashenko announced Thursday after conversion plans This was unveiled earlier year.

the move It came after Russia and Belarus signed an agreement on Thursday to formalize the deployment of Moscow tactical nuclear weapons on Region of her ally. However, control of arms remains in The Kremlin.

“the transfer of Nuclear munitions have begun, ”Lukashenko said in a official video.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Troop deployment of shorter-range arms in Belarus in He walks in a move It is widely seen as warning to the west as it advanced up military support for Ukraine.

When the weapons are not deployed announcedbut Putin said construction of Storage facilities in Belarus for They will be completed by July 1.

Also not clear how Many nuclear weapons will be preserved in Belarus. United State government Russia believes it has about 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons, including aircraft-delivered bombs and warheads. for short-range Missiles and artillery rounds.

Tactical nuclear weapons destroy enemy troops and weapons on the battlefield. However, they are relatively short range and much lower yield than long-equipped nuclear warheads.range Strategic missile capable of Wiping out entire cities.

to talk in Moscow, Lukashenko said it was “possible”The weapons were already in dullness.

lukashenko, who Rumors stirred up of He was seriously ill when he cut short his D-Day appearance in red square on May 9 before the appearance in public on May 15, he was attending the meeting of Supreme Eurasian Economic Council with Putin and the leaders of Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

The signing of the agreement came at a time when Russia was preparing for Counterattack by Ukraine. Russian and Belarusian officials also framed step Motivated by hostilities from the West.

“hiring of Non-strategic nuclear weapons are an effective response to aggressiveness policy of countries Unfriendly us, said the Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin in Minsk at a meeting with His Russian counterpart, Sergei Shoigu.

“In the context of of A very sharp escalation of threats on western border of Russia and Belarus, a decision He was made to take countermeasures in the military-Nuclear ball,” Shoigu added.

A threat to everyone of Europe’

Putin argued this by deploying his own tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, Russia followed the United States leadindicating that the United States has a nuclear weapons base in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey.

Exiled Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya condemned the attack move.

We must do everything to prevent Putin’s plan to spread nuclear weapons in Belarus, because this will ensure Russia control over Belarus for “The coming years,” Tsikhanouskaya told the Associated Press (AP).

This will expose security to more danger of Ukraine and all of Europe,” she warned.

Independent Belarusian military analyst Alexander Alesin said about two-thirds of Russian mediator-range Missiles with nuclear warheads were seized in Belarus during the cold war adding dozens of Soviet-era storage facilities can still be used.

Soviet nuclear weapons stationed in Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan were transferred to Russia in Deal brokered by the United States after the solution of Soviet Union in 1991.

“documents in Minsk on return of Nuclear weapons were defiantly signed just When Ukraine announced a Western counterattack countries It is delivered over weapons for Kyiv”,” Alesin told the Associated Press.

“This is the Belarusian nuclear balcony should spoil the mood for Policy in The West because nuclear missiles can cover Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic states and parts of them of Germany.”

Khrinin also announced plans for “build up the combat Possible of regional assembly of Russian and Belarusian troops, including their transfer to Minsk of Iskander M missile systemable of It carries a nuclear charge and the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system.

Russia and Belarus have an alliance agreement under which the Kremlin will support the Belarusian economy via Loans and discounts for Russian oil and gas. In addition, Russia used the Belarusian lands as a staging area for invaded neighboring Ukraine and retained unity of The troops and weapons are there.

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