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May Elections in Greece to exclude Neo-Nazi Party over their associations

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The Greek Supreme Court ruled that the far-right Greeks party was banned from participating in The next election next The month of approval of the legal amendments made by legislators.

Amendments adopted by Parliament in February excludes parties led by convicted politicians of Serious offenses or offenses that “do not serve freedom of action.” of (Greece) Democrat.”

prison former MP Elias Kasidiaris and his Greek party were not allowed to participate in May 21 elections under those terms. The ban, widely supported by Greece’s main political parties, was upheld despite the 11 o’clock change in Greek party leadership.

He was among the many senior members of Golden Dawn who were handed heavy prison camel in October 2020 by a court branded a neo-Nazi party a criminal organization.

Hellenes judges considered it to be a ‘continuation of The legal source told “Golden Dawn”.

Greek government Company spokesman Akis Skirtsos welcomed what he called “historic decision”would prevent” enemies of democracy “from sitting in parliament.

“It’s ours common duty to protect democracy added.

Bantazi Glass, attorney for Kasidiaris denounced the ruling, saying, “half Million Greeks “were deprived of the right of vote for the party of their choice.

ban of a party Of the Greek elections believed to be a first Since the restoration of democracy in 1974 After Seven-year military dictatorship.

last small Right wing partyEAN, authorizing the court to challenge the election.

Far-right fears

Kasidiaris was among approximately 60 Golden Dawn members who were convicted in 2020 of the murder of against fascism rapper Pavlos Fyssas and other crimes including murder, assault, and running a criminal organization.

hot temper former food scientist – who He was an MP from 2012 to 2019 – sentenced to 13.5 years in prison behind bars.

He’s impressed of The Third Reich has a swastika tattoo on for him left arm. He once slapped a Communist legislator on the television.

Prison did not prevent him from preaching to his supporters through voice messages from prison and running a YouTube channel with more from 120,000 followers.

42-yearA boy has recently announced his ambition to run for Election area in Central Athens in This month’s election.

in february, parliament Amending the 2021 Elections Law, which stipulates that it is political party You may not participate in a vote If she drives – official Or informally – convicted of membership in a criminal organization.

the final decision It eventually fell to the Supreme Court.

Before the verdict, Kasidiaris denounced an “unimaginable coup.” against democracy” by those who try to deny a voice to “hundreds.” of thousands of Supportive voters of for him party.

popularity of Golden Dawn peaked in height of Greece financial Crisis, worrying European partners.

the group The vote was 10 percent in one a point in 2013, making it the third most popular party.

He. She failed to win single seat in the last Parliament elections in 2019, after which Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis sought to avoid Neo-Nazis back in the legislature.

According to a poll for OpenTV channel on Friday, Hellenes will win four percent of the vote in Elections, the meeting of the three-percent threshold Need to sit down in the parliament.

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