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Military Base Shooting in Punjab Results in Death of Four Indian Soldiers

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At least four soldiers were killed in shooting a military a base in Punjab, a border state in Sources in India said, early Wednesday morning, at a time when the army launched a search operation for shooters.

that unknown number of The shooters were free on base in Bathinda citya defense The source told Reuters, declining That his name be mentioned quoting on this matter sensitivity.

An army statement said that four soldiers Died of his wounds sustained during the accident took place in in early time hours of Wednesday morning.

The statement did not mention the circumstances or other details who He was responsible for the incident.

The accident was “No terror attack,” And took place in canteen, a senior police official in SBS Parmar told Reuters in Punjab state.

The base has been closed off and joint achievement with The local police were on the army’s statement, adding that there were no injuries and other damages property have been reported.

All aspects incl possible issue of Involvement of Rifle (assault) along with 28 rounds Reported missing two days back “It is being verified,” the military said.

Images from Reuters partner Ani showed the placement of barriers on The Road outside portals of the military terminal and security personnel to publish outside the border wall.

the incident took place An army statement said earlier that the time was 4:35 am (11.05 GMT Tuesday).

the military base, about 280 kilometers (175 miles) northwest of New Delhi, with mostly families of soldiers. the border with Pakistan lies about 100 kilometers to the west of Bathinda.

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