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Muslims targeted in multiple attacks near Toronto, Canada

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Canadian police arrested a man who try to crash In Muslim worshipers in two mosques in and the Greater Toronto Area, and launched an “anti-Muslim hate” investigation into the incident.

Police said they were called to pray at a mosque in Toronto after a man drove his car car in the parking lot and tried to hit worshipers and others vehicles.

the driver Then they rushed to another mosque and repeated the same actions. Accidents happened on Police said April 5 around 5:30 a.m. 6 a.m.

The suspect then drove to the Scarborough Shopping Centre, where he entered and approached several shoppers in to threaten way They shouted anti-Muslim comments.

A 28-year- The old man was arrested and charged with Tahman of serious operation of engine vehiclefive counts of criminal Harassment and threats of Physical harm, assault and acts against public morals in a public place and insulting others.

police also I finish up charge the suspect with Another incident on April 7th at a mosque in near city of Markham.

in a separate incident in the city of Kitchener is about 100 kilometers (62.1 miles) west of Toronto, police charged 27-year- Old woman after allegations of hate attack that occurred as people I am waiting in line in command test center on Wednesday.

Mufreh Abed, coordinator of Together against Islamophobia program for alliance of Muslim woman in the area and posted video on Twitter in encountered by a woman.

The woman accused of Making a racist comment About brown people, the woman denied the accusation and then gushed forward They took Abed’s phone and threw it at her.

a second A video taken by someone else showed the altercation.

The police charged the suspect with Assault and assault with weapon f theft Less than 5,000 Canadian dollars (3,700 USD).

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