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Netanyahu’s Oppression and Deception: The Perils of a Dictatorship

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Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could not stop lying, accusing the opposition of “rapid decline”.

In response to Netanyahu, who said, “We keep trying to reach an understanding, the opposition is slipping into chaos,” Lapid commented, “Netanyahu can’t stop lying. The anarchists in this story are high-ranking government ministers trying to set the country on fire.”

Through his Twitter account, Lapid said: “The government has not agreed to any attempt at negotiations and continues to push for laws that will turn us into a religious, extremist and undemocratic state.”

The statement comes as Israel is witnessing demonstrations against legal legislation introduced by the current right-wing government and following Netanyahu’s statement from the airport before leaving for Rome, in which he said: “We will do everything to prevent the destruction of the lives of the citizens of the state, just as how we will not allow anyone to violate Israeli democracy and overturn the decision of the majority.”

Netanyahu and his wife Sarah were forced to leave Jerusalem by helicopter after demonstrators blocked roads leading to the airport.

The visit, described by opposition leaders as a “weekend” for what they called “a dictator who booked 60 rooms in Rome at the expense of the state.”

Source: “I24news”

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