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Pakistan launches 1st digital census with eyes on tighten security

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Pakistan launched its programme first-never digital population The housing census Wednesday in Attempt to collect demographic data securely on Everyone in the future of This yearparliamentary elections, officials said.

the digital The count will save the data for policy decisionswhich is now based on 2017 census calculated population With 207 million people.

that it also It’s supposed to be beef up security and avoid Another swamp like the one that hit the 2021. census results of This count, which was done by hand, was never announced over Complaints about errors and exclusions.

the results of the digital will be enumeration announced next month, according to the Pakistani office of The census that conducts the census amid strict security measures.

On Wednesday, census workers fanned out out across Pakistan to collect data. In addition to policy decisions on Such things as education, health, and information also It will be used for the next Parliamentary elections.

to me first Time, census workers will also Counting the gender minority people and who largely neglected in This poor Muslim nation. According to human rights groups, there are about 10,000 sexual minorities in Pakistan.

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