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Pakistan: Newborn with dual male reproductive organs and absence of anus

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Mary McNally
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A woman in the Pakistani city of Islamabad gave birth to a boy with two penises but no anus.

International magazine notes of Surgical reports indicate that the baby was born at 36 weeks of gestation and was transferred to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Children’s Hospital.

According to doctors, both organs are of normal shape, one is 1.5 cm long, the other 2.5 cm. Examinations showed that the child has one bladder connected to two organs, which means that the child can urinate from both organs. Surgeons were able to open the newborn’s anus so he could defecate, and he was released from the hospital two days later.

A deviation in which a child is born with two functional genitalia and no anus is called diphalia by doctors. There are about a hundred such cases, the first of which was recorded in 1609. Experts do not specify the reason for this deviation, but they suggest that it occurs by chance during the development of the genital organs of the fetus in the womb. Both members can be active, or only one of them. In most cases, two terms are of the same length and are adjacent.

Remarkably, the 37-year-old American, who was born with two wombs, confirms that she experiences the same things as other women, including menstruation.

Source: Linta. EN

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