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Paris Strikes Tarnish City Image with Garbage Piles

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tons of garbage accumulation up on The sidewalks turned Paris into a city of A scourge where the sanitation workers continued their strike for On Wednesday the tenth.

The creeping filth is the most obvious sign of widespread anger over A bill to raise the French retirement age by two years.

The stench of Moldy food started escaping from some of the garbage bags and overflowing bins.

There is neither the Left Bank mansion that houses the Senate nor, across town, the A.J street steps From the Elysee Palace, where waste from the presidential residence is apparently stored, due to the strike.

more than 7,000 tons of Garbage piled up up on Tuesday, according to the Associated Press.

some of which were dumped into white trucks from a private Along the way protest ahead of March planned for the third Wednesday in nine days. clean police said-up He was for Security reasons.

Other French cities are also having a litter problemsbut chaos in Paris, interface of France is fast becoming a symbol of strikers’ discontent.


Portuguese tourist Fabio Figueirado wanted To admire the beautiful buildings on romantic vacation in Paris, however insteadhe and his girlfriend found Mobility is stacked high on sidewalks with garbage.

“I’ve never seen city with Lots of rubbish on the street said 25-year- Old, near a hill of Bulging bin bags across the road from city’s main the opera house.

“They should collect it once a week or something, it’s not good at all.”

Tourists flock to Paris for fairy-tale Famous walks and monuments, but heaps of rubbish spoil experience for Many foreign visitors.

Sitting near Notre Dame Cathedral, Martha Velasquez, 52, was stomping on ice cream with Ha family Not far from another stream of black bags.

“I think it’s really sad to see so much trash here in This is a beautiful city, said the visitor from Colombia.

“There were several streets where we could see piles of waste.”

I will be poor

Garbage collectors and cleaners in the capital voted on Tuesday to at least extend their strike next Monday, a union Agence France-Presse representative.

garbage collectors and truck drivers They oppose the payment of the retirement age back From 57 to 59 if new Act passed, CGT union says.

they also want Increase wages so that they get less higher pension.

Muriel Jeremink, 56, was among those eye-catching picks.

She said it was working for more of two decades as a city rubbish worker.

But when I retire, “I know “I will be poor,” she said, explaining to her. pension It will be less than 1,200 euros (about $1,200) per month.

Nabil Latrash, 44, said that he and the rest of the municipal collectors had a stressful job and deserved a decent retirement.

“we work Whether there is rain, snow or wind.”

“When we ride behind the truckwe breathe in all types of fumes. We often get sick from it work. “

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