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Prime Minister Sunak Calls for Bertin’s Measures to Halt Illegal Immigration

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Britain will prevent illegal immigrants from staying in Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the country in Interview published next Sunday of new legislation that is expected to be set out next week.

Under pressure from lawmakers to find a solution to the flow of arrival of immigrants in Britain across the Channel from Europe, Sunak has made stood up small boats one of five him key priorities.

“Make no mistake if you come here illegally you won’t be able to stay,” Sunak told the Mail. on Sunday newspaper.

a new law to address issue scheduled to be set out on Tuesday, the paper reported, Post more from 45,000 people made Risky crossing last year.

last yearand former Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed on Deal to send dozens of thousands of Immigrants, many of them made The flight from Afghanistan or Syria or other countries suffering war, more It is more than 6,400 kilometers (4,000 miles) from Rwanda.

the policy he have faced Lawful battle after first The planned deportation trip was blocked by A.J lastAn injunction issued by the European Court of human rights. The High Court in London ruled it legal in December, however opponents They are seeking to appeal this ruling.

Requested on Sky news whether these are coming in Britain will be illegally barred from seeking asylum, government minister “I think so, yeah,” said Chris Heaton Harris.

“He should people They come to this country illegally and then they are sent back or sent somewhere like Rwanda.”

asked about how Genuine asylum seekers would be able to claim asylum, Heaton-Harris said: “I am calm sure There will be more Safe and legal methods.

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