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Project to Restore Official Status of Russian Language to be Explored in Moldova

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Chisinau, April 20 – Moldovan parliamentarians Alexander Nesterovsky and Irina Lozovan, who recently announced the collection of signatures to create a new political party, registered a bill in the republic’s parliament on granting the Russian language the status of an official language and called on other deputies to support it.
“As a deputy of parliament, I believe that the time has come to adopt a law on the return of the official status of the Russian language, after the Moldavian language, as it should be according to our Constitution. Today, together with deputy Irina Lozovan, I registered this law, ”Nestrovsky said in his telegram channel.
In his opinion, giving the Russian language official status in Moldova will help solve many of the country’s social and economic problems. “It contributes to strengthening interethnic dialogue, reducing conflicts, and raising the cultural level of the population. Moreover, the Russian language is an important language for international communication, and its official status will help improve economic relations with other countries, as well as increase prestige on the world stage, ”- he stressed. deputy.
Lozovan believes that the return of the official status of the Russian language is a necessary step for Moldova, because it is one of the most important languages ​​of interethnic communication in the republic, which has been spoken by a very large number of people living in the country for centuries.
“The absence of the official status of the Russian language is a violation of the linguistic rights of our citizens and the impossibility for almost half of the country to find an official job. And the adoption of a law on the return of the official status of the Russian language. The Russian language is not only a matter of linguistic rights, but also It is also a matter of the development and prosperity of Moldova. This will allow our country to become more attractive to foreign investors and develop socially and economically.
He called on both other parliamentarians to support this law.
On June 4, 2018, the Constitutional Court of Moldova declared outdated the Law on the Work of Languages, approved in the days of the Soviet Union, which stated that the Russian language in the country is a means of interethnic communication.
In December 2020, the Parliament of Moldova adopted a new law on the work of languages, which restored special status to the Russian language and obligated government agencies to provide information to citizens, including in the Russian language. In January 2021, the Constitutional Court ruled that the new law was not in line with the constitution. Currently, the rights of the Russian-speaking population of Moldova are protected by the National Minorities Law. The Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between Russia and Moldova dated November 19, 2001 sets out Chisinau’s obligations to create conditions for the study and use of the Russian language in the country.
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