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Real Madrid Coach Envisions a Transcendent Night at the Bernabeu!

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Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti confirmed that Real Madrid are in good shape, excited and motivated to return to the Champions League and enjoy another magical evening at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Tomorrow night, Wednesday, Real Madrid will host Chelsea at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.

“I’m 63 years old and I have 20 years more experience than Lampard, but that won’t change what happens during the match,” Ancelotti said at a press conference against Chelsea, commenting on Frank Lampard’s return as manager English club.

He added: “He is a great coach and a great professional. I trained him as a player. He knows how to prepare his team for these kinds of matches. He arrived just a week ago and will work well while he is at Chelsea.

Regarding the match, the veteran Italian coach stressed: “It is important to think at the beginning that this is a 180-minute match and try to do well tomorrow. This match is not decisive, but we can gain an advantage that will help us cope with the second leg. Team in good condition, excited and motivated to return to the Champions League and enjoy it.” Another magical evening at the Bernabéu.

He added: “It’s a different mindset. We must take advantage of the fact that we are playing the first leg at home in order to gain an advantage that will allow us to manage the second leg, which will be decisive. At home and abroad, the team performed well, as they did last year when we deserved to win the Champions League.”

And he continued: “Managing the dressing room is very simple in my opinion, I’m doing well, I’m very good at managing, but there are other things.. This team works hard and if we win the King’s Cup, we will win all possible titles in two season.”

Ancelotti returned to the conversation about last season’s match against Chelsea, saying: “Last season’s match we suffered a lot and it was difficult for us despite having a big lead in the first leg. We have to respect the club because they have great players and in these kinds of matches: “With so much drive they get the best. They have very high level players.”

He explained: “I am sad about his (Chelsea) situation because I have great memories of the club and the people who still work there… I am a Chelsea fan because I spent two good years there, I will not be returning. … I think Lampard is doing a great job with them.”

Ancelotti praised Brazilian team star Vinicius Junior, saying: “He is unstoppable now. He is a player who is constantly involved and surprises with what he does every day. He is always at his best.”

He made it clear about Valverde’s temperament: “He’s just as good and enthusiastic as the rest of the team. He trained well, I know him by heart, he has an amazing and extraordinary humanity. I don’t want to comment on what happened between them. and the Villarreal player, but tomorrow (in the match) he will, as usual, give everything he has.

And about the possibility of meeting Milan in the final match and obsession with the Istanbul stadium, Ancelotti said: “For me and Maldini, Istanbul is not the best memory, especially this stadium and 2005 … I loved Maldini with all my love. in the world. He was my partner, my leader and a wonderful person, and it would be great if we met on my birthday when the Champions League final takes place.”

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