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Representatives discuss a photo of a colleague with spaghetti on his ears during a presidential speech

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Samara, February 23 – Deputies of the Samara Provincial Duma at a meeting of the Regulations Committee will discuss the law of the deputy of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Mikhail Abdukhin, who posted a video on the Internet, listening to the message of the chairman with noodles on the State Duma’s press service reported.
On Wednesday, Abdulkin posted a video and photo on his Telegram channel of him listening to the president’s message, pinning noodles to his ears. State Duma deputy Alexander Yushchenko (KPRF) told the News Agency that the deputy’s deed would not go unnoticed by the Central Audit Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, it should also be evaluated in the regional branch of the party.
“The chairman of the Samara Duma Gennady Kotelnikov instructed the regional parliament committee on regulations to immediately consider the situation by the appearance on the Internet of a video and photos of deputy Mikhail Abdulkin, which met with a wide public protest,” the report said. .
According to the press service, a meeting of the Regulations Committee will take place in the near future.
“This act caused me great indignation, to say the least! I, as a person and as a citizen, consider this unacceptable. On my instructions, this matter will be considered by the Regulations Committee, and a decision will be made,” the press service quoted the press service. Kotelnikov.
On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a message to the Federal Assembly in which he stressed the need to focus on the development of new Russian regions – the DRC, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. Putin also paid a lot of attention to supporting the participants in the special operation. He also said that Russia is suspending its participation in the Russian-American treaty to reduce strategic arms, stressing that the country does not withdraw from this treaty.

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