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Retaliation from Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps after Israel allegedly caused the death of two soldiers: Seven Israelis killed.

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Major General Hossein Salami, Commander-in-Chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, said that Israel is now under rocket fire from Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, and the flames of anger are rising from the West Bank.

Salami added in an Army Day speech: “The Zionist entity has erected several hundred meters of walls around itself, equipped with the most powerful surveillance and control devices, and not even an animal can cross its borders, but the Hands of the Invisible armed the West Bank, and you see modern automatic rifles and automatic weapons in Palestinian hands.”

And Salami added: “Over the past week, the Palestinians have carried out 165 operations, 50% of which were shootings.”

He continued: “The Zionists have caused the martyrdom of two of our soldiers (in Syria), but seven of them were killed by invisible hands… These equations have become non-equations.”

Earlier, a Revolutionary Guards public relations statement said that “Captain Mikdad Mahkani Jaafar Abadi died of his wounds” following the Israeli aggression in the Damascus countryside at dawn.

The Public Relations Service of the Revolutionary Guards previously announced in a statement the “martyrdom of one of the advisers and officers of the Revolutionary Guards, Milad Haidari” as a result of Israeli aggression in the vicinity of Damascus.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Reza Tuysarkani, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s spokesman to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Force, confirmed that “Israel’s crime of killing advisers to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards in Syria will not go unpunished.”

Source: Tasnim + Faris

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