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Six Lives Lost in Tragic Nashville School Shooting

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Three students and three staff members were murdered after a 28-year-old woman opened it fire in private Elementary school in Nashville Monday.

armed with At least two assault rifles and a handgun, the shooter entered Covenant Christian School from a side the door before opening fireNashville Police Spokesperson Don Aaron A news conference.

The officers were on The scene takes about 15 minutes of Receive first emergency call Around 10:00 am (1500 GMT), he engaged the shooter who is back fire before shooting her dead.

the young A woman, identified by police as 28-year- From Nashville, she fired several shots as she strode through the school, Aaron said. There was no initial indication of defend for shooting.

“We are now know There are three students who They were fatally injured as well as three adults inside the school,” Aron said, noting that the adults were among the 40-50 staff at the school.

“We are working to identify these victims, including the shooter,” he added.

He said there were no other injuries.

All the remaining students have been escorted out of the building with Faculty and staff Kendra Looney of Nashville fire oath said.

“We were on scenery for help mitigate them anyone From seeing exactly what’s going on, she said.

“We would have been sure That they heard the chaos that was surrounding this, so we have mental health professionals and professionals that are on the site of this reunification for Both students and families.”

Covenant School is a private Presbyterian Foundation with Little over 200 students in Preschool to approximately 12 years old.

School shootings are alarming common in United States, where prevalence of Firearms rose in In recent years, though, female shooters are extremely rare.

Called the White House latest School shooting “heartbreaking” and urged Republicans to do so back President Joe Biden’s batch for In the on Commonly used offensive weapons in Mass shooting in the United States.

Press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre said Biden was briefed on Heartbreaking news of Another shooting of innocent” and asked what the Republicans were waiting for for for “step up and act to pass Ban offensive weapons.

several elected Officials in the state of Likewise Tennessee took to social media to express their shock.

“Disappointed and sad about the tragedy news at Covenant School,” tweeted Sen. Bill Hagerty.

“I am grateful to law enforcement and first respondents for they heroic procedures.”

Thanks Senator Marsha Blackburn first Respondents offered ‘Prayer for affected.”

Addressing legislation gun violence met with Impasse in Washington though public sensation over Notable altars such as one At Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in 2012, when 26 peopleincluding 20 children were killed.

last yearshooter in Uvalde, Texas, killed 19 students and two teachers.

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