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The European Union eases restrictions on Syrian exports to speed up Aid delivery

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The European Union has eased some export restrictions on Syria that will allow Relief organizations to provide aid for the earthquake.hit nation without permission.

in view of distress of Humanitarian crisis, it was decided to amend the punitive measures to allow for Express delivery of Council help of Europe Union announced Thursday. The change is in effect for six Months.

Specifically, aid organizations will not be returning need The approval of the relevant EU countries to deliver humanitarian goods and services to sanctioned individuals and entities.

The European Union reiterated that the existing sanctions are targeted against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his supporters and certain sectors of the economy.

before relaxing on Thursday of There were restrictions already Extensive exceptions to ensure Territory of Humanitarian aid in all parts of Country.

Existing sanctions did not prevent export of food, medicine or medical equipment by the European Union to Syria, and they did not target health care in Syria system.

The European Union has currently 291 individuals and 70 companies have been penalized for this of continued violent repression of civil population. Civil war in The country has been going since 2011.

nearly 50,000 people He died when two powerful earthquakes devastated southern Turkey and northern Syria on February 6, followed more From 8,550 followers.

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