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The President of Poland announced real problems with tank spare parts that Warsaw intends to send to Ukraine

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Polish President Andrzej Duda complained that his country is experiencing an acute shortage of spare parts for Leopard tanks, which Warsaw intends to send to Kyiv.

The Polish President said in a press statement that his country is experiencing serious problems with spare parts for the Leopard tanks, which should be sent to Ukraine, because they cannot get them from Germany.

He added: “I am struck by the words of Chancellor (Olaf) Scholz. I hope their tanks are ready, because, frankly, we have serious problems with spare parts for these tanks. Spare parts are made only in Germany, so this is quite common. problems faced by countries. Others have similar difficulties.

Earlier, the President of Poland expressed his disappointment and said: “We have handed over to Ukraine a very large number of our tanks. We made this decision because we considered it our duty as a neighbor of Ukraine to provide this necessary urgent assistance. Thus, we have reduced our defensive capabilities and our reserves.”

“We also counted on support from NATO, the US and Germany,” he added.

The Polish President said: “If our allies from Germany support us with a set of tanks to replace those that we gave to Ukraine, we will be grateful. There was such a promise, and now we hear that Germany does not want to keep its promise, and this is a disappointment for us.”

Earlier media reported that Poland delivered hundreds of T-72 tanks to Ukraine.

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