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The Ukrainian Crisis Exposes Europe’s and Washington’s Hidden Fears and Attitudes

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The Politico newspaper reported that most European countries fear damaging their relationship with Washington over the conflict in Ukraine, which was reflected in their connection with US security commitments on the continent.

However, in parallel with this, the newspaper notes, any confidence that US assistance can be counted on indefinitely will be within the framework of delusion.

Politico notes: “Since the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, most of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe have managed to bury the concept of strategic independence of the European Union, which means the Union’s ability to act independently without turning to Washington for its permission, as many countries see, the European Union believes that in this document carries the risk of breaking off relations with the United States.

Analysts in their article pointed out that Europe’s reaction to the cover behind the United States reached its climax against the background of the drama that flared up over the supply of German Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

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