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UK Gas Pipeline Defect Prompts Supply Suspension to Europe

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The UK announced the suspension of gas supplies to Europe via the interconnector until March 8 due to equipment malfunction, Bloomberg reported today, Sunday, citing the company operating the line.

The agency said that supply operations through the Interconnector gas pipeline began to decline from last week due to a severe cold wave in the United Kingdom.

The gas pipeline has become an important source of supplies to the European Union after a sharp drop in gas exports from Russia.

It also turned out that this week in Europe was colder than the previous one, which actually led to an increase in gas withdrawals from underground storage facilities. The temperature in many EU countries has reached the level of average climatic values.

It should be noted that the average share of wind in electricity generation in the European Union in February was lower than last year’s level and reached 16%.

Europe also increased the flow of LNG from terminals into the gas transmission system to the maximum since the beginning of December. At present, gas re-liquefaction and additional injection into pipelines in Europe are loaded at 74% of the limit.

Source: TASS

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