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UN calls for peaceful resolution in Pakistan despite arrest of Former Khan

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The United Nations urged all parties in Pakistan should refrain from resorting to violence in the aftermath of the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“the secretary-general Take note of Continuous protests that erupted after arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan yesterday in Islamabad invites for All sides must refrain from violence. emphasize on need “Respect the right to peaceful assembly,” said Deputy Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Farhan Haq. for Secretary-General António Guterres.

“the secretary-general Urge the authorities to respect legal procedures f rule of Law in Actions brought against former Prime Minister Khan’s statement added.

at least six people They were killed and many others injured after the protests broke out out across Pakistan against the arrest of Khan on Tuesday.

Khan is captured on May 9th in communication with Alleged corruption involving the Qadir University Fund.

The cricketer-turned-politician and his wife, Bushra Bibi, are alleged to have earned billions of Rs and a hunk of costly land for build Educational institution in Back for release amount of 190 million pounds ($ 239 million) to A property pole in 2020.

the amount He was identified and returned to the country by the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA), after a settlement with real Businessman Malik Riad in 2019.

Pakistan National Anti-Corruption Accountancy Bureau bodyHe claims that Khan’s PTI government make a deal with Riad it caused Loss of more From $239 million national Cabinet in barter arrangement with Businessman.

Khan and his party Leaders, however, denied the allegations.

Khan is captured on Tuesday during a routine hearing in The capital, Islamabad, whisks away that unknown location overnight before emerging behind closed doors in A private session at the police headquarters.

Drama after months of the political crisis during which he was betrayed, who he was overthrown in April last yearlaunched an unprecedented campaign campaign against Country powerful military.

“If they think so arrest of Imran Khan will demoralize us. Niyaz Ali said: in Peshawar where many attractions and government The buildings were set on fire.

“We stand with Imran Khan and Will support him even death. “

Ali Bukhari, a lawyer for Khan told AFP by phone that the court agreed to eight days of physical custody of Khan was demanded by the country’s graft agency.

Best Marwa, last of Khan’s lawyers earlier said that Khan was in “good spirits” but he complained of being hit on the back of the head and leg by paramilitaries who They arrested him.

the former cricket star who remains Very popular, dozens have said before of Cases filed against his part of effort from struggling government And military institution to prevent him from returning to it power.

for him arrest bring in thousands of his supporters to the streets in cities across the country, as the police tried to suppress it crowds with tear gas.

at least six people He died in Incidents related to the protest, reported the police and hospitals, incl one person who Died of smoke inhalation after multiple floors building He was set on fire in Lahore.

Russia urges calm in Pakistan

Russia also named on All Parties in Pakistan to resolve their differences by peaceful means.

Speaking at a press conference in Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in Moscow that Russia is “following closely”. events surrounding arrest of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“we call on All Parties resolve Disagreements by peaceful means, expect the mass protest actions in Pakistani cities will be taken place Without serious clashes situation in country will soon “Normalize,” said Zakharova.

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