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What was the payment made by Kadyrov to Ukrainian security forces for the return of the stolen horse?

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Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov said that he bought Zazu’s immunity, stolen in the Czech Republic, through the mediation of the Ukrainian special services, “Ukrainian law enforcement agencies,” for $18,000.

Kadyrov wrote on Telegram: “Representatives of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies contacted me through intermediaries at the beginning of this year and offered to buy Zaza, to which I immediately agreed, since they know the extent of my attachment to my horse and were not mistaken in this.”

He added: “Honestly, I thought that Zaza would be extradited officially, with the lifting of sanctions imposed on him, but it turned out that the Ukrainian security service developed a plan to steal a horse from a stable in the Czech Republic in collusion with the Czech police, and I remind you that at that time It seemed strange at the time.” return it, the value of which was determined by the Czech authorities at the time of its theft.

In March last year, Czech media reported that Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov’s horse was stolen from a stable in the village of Krabchitsy in the Litomres district in western Czech Republic for an estimated price of $18,000.

Kadyrov said at the time that his horse Zazu was the first victim of Western sanctions against him and his family since 2014.

The Czech police then stated that they had received a report that a horse had been stolen from one of the stables in the village of Krabchitsy, and calculated that the theft occurred on the night of March 3-4 last year, and confirmed that its crews were investigating the circumstances of the accident and conducting intensive search for a thief.

Police indicated that the 16-year-old horse has a distinct, non-adjustable asterisk on his forehead, in addition to a white mark below the knee on his right hind leg.

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