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16 Deaths and Multiple Injuries in Fire at Indonesian Fuel Depot

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huge fire smash out in a country-run fuel storage depot on Friday that left 16 at least people dead and about 50 injured, according to officials, before firefighters could lay her down out.

The Lumbang fuel storage terminal, which is run by the state-run Pertamina oil and gas company, near a densely populated area area in Tanah Merah neighborhood in North Jakarta saves 25% of Indonesia’s fuel needs.

According to North Jakarta fire Service, many were forced to leave in Fear of residential areas near the fuel storage depot result of blaze.

The accident claimed a life of 16 people, including two childrenand injured at least 50 with The head of the department, Satriadi Gunawan, told Agence France-Presse (AFP), the severe burns.

It was not clear what ignited the fire that broke out After 8 pm local time (1 pm GMT). several hours after that first seem fire Developed according to the army chief of Dudung Abdurachman, declaring, “In fire He is already out. “

the military The Commander and Pertamina said they were looking into the situation. Pertamina focus on Control fire And move the workers and civilians near to a safe place.”

Chief Executive Officer Nick Widiawati of The Oil and Gas Company announced that the company “perform a complete Internal examination to prevent recurrence of Similar disaster.

It said the country’s petrol supply was not compromised and was kept safe by standby supplies from the nearest accessible ports.

Hiro stated that the indonesian government He was help Pay for Medical care for the injured second fire in Recently memory. Countries minister of Eric Thohir sent condolences to the families by the SOE of The deceased and injured.

“We are all saddened by this tragedy,” he said. in statement, calling on Pertamina to conduct a full investigation of the accident. screenshots broadcast on Show TV people They scream and run through narrow paths with A raging hell in the sky behind they.

Firefighters were also They were shown rushing to the scene to control the fire while ambulance workers were being transported body bags for hospitals.

Gunawan claimed it was at the firefighters first Learning that a pipe had broken in the warehouse, the officers acted immediately to prevent the fire from spreading to surrounding residential areas.

Bloombang Warehouse in north Jakarta received 51 units and more More than 250 firefighters, according to Jakarta main fire station.

One of Indonesia’s largest oil refinery, Balongan Refinery in West Java, namely also controls it national The oil company, Pertamina, witnessed a disaster fire in 2021. After the Big Bang, fire raged for Two days and forced many to flee.

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