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Authorities Reject Reports of Ukrainian Militant Infiltration in Kursk

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Yaroslavl, March 9 – The government of the Kursk region described the information spread on social media about the alleged penetration of Ukrainian saboteurs into the region as fake, and the video was shot with them, noting that the borders are guarded by Russian border guards and the army.
“Attention: Fake! Today’s pro-Ukrainian telegram channels are publishing a staged video of the DRG allegedly arriving in the village of Plekhovo in the Sudzhansky border district of the Kursk region. This is media stuffing in an attempt to create panic,” the regional administration’s telegram channel reports.
The authorities assure that the border is guarded by Russian border guards and the army, and there have been no attempts to cross it.
“The (video editor’s) fake can be seen even by (the road editor’s) sign: the letter ‘Yo’ in the name of the settlement in the original is written without dots at the top. In addition, the snow has already been melted near the village while it still lies in the video.” .
Roman Bublik - head of the Yeisk district of the Krasnodar Territory - 1920, 01/03/2023

The authorities of the Yeisk district of the Kuban denied fraud about the planned evacuation

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