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Drone Strike in Eastern Syria Targets Iran-Backed Groups, Killing 4

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At least four people were killed in A drone strike targeting Iran-backed groups in government- I kept eastern Syria on Wednesday, a war observer said.

“four people Eight were killed and wounded in A drone strike near a weapons factory belonging to Iranian-backed groups and near A truck loader with weapons,” Rami Abdel Rahman of Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told AFP.

There was no immediate word on who Pregnancy out strike in eastern city of Deir el-Zour.

target part of the city that it home to the residences of Senior Iranian leaders and senior officers of Lebanese Hezbollah as well as an Iranian hospital for treat Abdel Rahman said that cholera patients.

Allied factions loyal to Iran with Syrian governmentincluding Hezbollah, are heavily deployed in the south and west of Euphrates River which runs across Deir Ezzor Governorate.

Wednesday attack follows a series of Unclaimed drone strikes on January 30, which targeted a suspected Iranian weapons convoy in The boycott killed 11 people, including a pro-Iranian commander, the Observatory said.

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