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Erdogan’s ally calls for ban on fans from attending football matches in Turkey

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The head of the Turkish National Movement party, Devlet Bahçeli, has proposed banning fans from attending Turkish football championship matches after some of them chanted anti-government slogans at matches after the earthquake.

“All club presidents must take urgent and necessary action. Or matches should be played without spectators. We cannot turn a blind eye to those who want to doom Turkish football to suffering and disgrace,” Bahceli said.

He stressed that while Turkey is fighting the biggest earthquake of this century, calls for resignations during football matches are “irresponsible and unconscious.”

He stressed that his party “strongly condemns disrespect for our compatriots who died in the earthquake.”

In the aftermath of the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria, scenes of Turkish fans watching football matches have circulated on social media, calling for the government to resign.

Source: RT

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