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France. Court delivers final verdict in assassination attempt on President Emmanuel Macron

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A Paris court on Friday confirmed four of 13 defendants charged with a “criminal terrorist conspiracy” in the attempted assassination of President Emmanuel Macron during a public party in 2018.

The decision in the case of the attempt on the life of the President of France by members of the ultra-right group Barjol was upheld by the Correctional Court of the 16th district of Paris.

Citizen Ysere Jean-Pierre Bouillet, the main suspect in the attack on President Macron during a ceremony commemorating the centenary of the end of World War I in November 2018, has been sentenced to four years in prison, with at least three years to serve. .. Moselle Michael Eby, who was born in this region, was sentenced to four years in prison, two of which behind bars.

The prosecution asked for five years in prison for both men, and it is noted that Buye had already spent three years in prison while the case was being heard and would not return to prison because Ibe had served his sentence.

The other defendants were sentenced to three years in prison, including a full year behind bars and six months’ probation.

The remaining nine defendants in the case were released, all were tried for propaganda of terrorism, and the trial took place from 3 to 17 February.

Earlier, the French anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office charged 11 men and two women belonging to the far-right Barjols group with a “criminal terrorist plot” and planning “violent actions” against the French president.

The judicial investigation into the attack on the French president began in November 2018, when 14 people close to far-right circles were arrested, and after a four-year investigation, two of them were released.

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