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Iran Executes Leader of Smuggling Ring Trafficking Women to Neighboring Countries

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The Iranian judiciary said on Saturday it was executed head of a network traded by the Iranians women to the neighborhood countries for prostitution.

She said Shahroz Sokhanvari, the man known as “Alex”, was the leader of Escort and trafficking network of Iranian women and others countries in the regionJudgment balance news agency reported.

She said Sokhanvari was executed on Saturday morning “for the crime of Trafficking in Human Beings for prostitution.”

Iranian media mentioned in 2020 that Alex has been arrested. in Malaysia in coordination with And bring Interpol to Iran. sentenced b death in September 2021 on fees of “corruption on earth,” a term Iranian authorities use to indicate a large scale range of Including crimes related to public morals.

Activist HRANA news Several agency said women king also He was arrested in the same case and faced serious charges.

Recorded executions in Iran rose from 314 in 2021 to 576 in 2022, second-highest in the world After China, Amnesty International said in This week’s report.

two women judge them death two years ago for “corruption on earthand human trafficking.

Administration of former US President Donald Trump 2017 added Iran to the United States list of countries Accused of fail to crack down on Trafficking in Human Beings. Two years later, the US State Department again The report classified Iran as a so-called Tier 3 country for countries that do the least they can handle crime.

Under the US Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, the United States does not provide inhumane and non-humane trade-related foreign assistance to any country that does not comply with minimum standards for Eliminate trafficking and do not make efforts to do so.

“the government of Iran does not fully meet the minimum criteria for eliminate of “Don’t go to great lengths to do that,” the State Department said. in Its report for 2019.

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