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Kenya’s Death Toll Rises to 226 Due to Starvation Among Worshipers

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Moscow, May 17 – RIA News. The death toll from a religious sect in Kenya whose priest ordered its followers to starve themselves has risen to 226, Citizen TV reported, citing authorities.
Kenyan television channel NTV reported last week that the number of victims of the sect had reached 201.
Of the 15 bodies found on Wednesday, 14 were found from graves and one was found in the bush, according to Coastal Province Provincial Commissioner Rhoda Onyansha, bringing the total number of bodies found in the bush to 226 so far. channel says.
Earlier in May, AFP, citing autopsy documents, reported that an investigation into the mass killing of followers of an extremist religious sect in Kenya showed a lack of organs from some of the victims, which could indicate the existence of a scheme to trade in human organs. . According to the agency, the remains of 112 people were examined.
Rev. Mackenzie Ntengi, pastor of the Good News congregation, was arrested. In early May, prosecutors announced that he would stand trial for “terrorism”.
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