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Lukashenka accuses the United States of escalating the situation with the rights of the Uighurs in China

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Minsk, February 27 – Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that the United States is escalating the situation with the situation of the Uyghurs in China in order to spark a civil war and weaken China.
“Forcing the situation that there are no human rights… Here the Americans will come and establish ‘democracy’ for the Uyghurs and help with human rights… All this is nonsense. Only China can give the right to live and exist on its land. The land is for all peoples. Only China with its power and politics It can ensure the normal existence of these peoples. The Americans just want to enter through this, in this case, into China, ignite a civil war. They need to weaken China,” Lukashenka said in an interview with Chinese media, excerpts of which were published by Belta on Monday.
He added that the Americans are looking for various ways and points through which they can pressure and control individual states, and Lukashenka noted that “not only states, but entire regions.”
However, according to the President of Belarus, the world has changed, and today even the United States will not be able to wage wars on all fronts.
“Therefore, we need to negotiate. Everywhere we need to negotiate. Japan, Korea, China, Russia, India and other countries have their own interests. Even in developing Africa, they have their own interests. The big countries should take them into account, and not pursue a policy of neo-colonialism because they are trying to make The West is in Africa. The world should only develop in this context.
He said that “the whole world, people depend on China to be able to balance the current situation and through this, a multipolar world will emerge, which China and other countries, independent and sovereign states, strive to achieve.”

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