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Man suspected of kidnapping Pashinyan’s son detained and sent to hospital

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Yerevan, May 18 – The mother of the soldier who died in Karabakh, Gyan Hakobyan, who was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping the son of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan Ashot, was taken to the hospital, said her lawyer, the head of the human rights organization Ruben Melikyan.
Earlier Wednesday, Haykakan Zhamanak newspaper, which is affiliated with the prime minister’s family, reported on the attempted kidnapping of Pashinyan’s son, blaming members of the Call organization. of Sons, which unites the parents of the soldiers killed in Karabakh, on that. According to the publication, the accident occurred at about 14.00 Moscow time near his home. The newspaper claims that members of the organization forced Ashot Pashinyan into their car, but he managed to jump out and was hit by another car. The victim was injured and called law enforcement. Later, the Investigative Committee of Armenia reported that the statement submitted to the police by Ashot Pashinyan was transferred to the Investigative Committee, where a criminal case was initiated under the article “kidnapping”.
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“The health condition of Gyan Hagopian, who was held in captivity for 10-11 hours, deteriorated, as she was transported in an ambulance accompanied by the police to Erebuni Medical Center,” the lawyer said on social media. Her condition allows her to be transferred from the hospital to the place of detention, and the lawyer said that dozens of the detainee’s assistants are gathering at the medical center.
“According to the official version, a healthy man between the ages of 23 and 24 was kidnapped by a woman… So far, there has been no confrontation with Ashot Pashinyan. I think the confrontation will happen tomorrow, and we will see how Ashot Pashinyan will claim that Mrs. Gayan is a middle-aged Armenian woman of average build – I kidnapped a healthy man, ”said the lawyer.
Earlier, Melikyan stated that the accusation of kidnapping Pashinyan’s son was unfounded, and that the parents of the dead military men had not committed any illegal actions.
Call of Sons charge of kidnapping. They indicated that members of the organization accidentally met Ashot Pashinyan, and only the mothers of the victims approached him, offering him to get into the car, talk and go together to the Yerabel military cemetery in Yerevan. The organization claims that Ashot Pashinyan, without objection, got into the car of one of the mothers and drove to Yerapilur without any interference, and then on the way, for some unknown reason, he “jumped out of the car.” The organization’s statement indicates that only the mother of the deceased soldier was in the car in which the prime minister’s son was traveling.
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan speaking at Parliament in Yerevan - 1920, 05/15/2023

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