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Pakistan Declines Invitation to Washington’s Democracy Summit

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Pakistan announced that it would not participate in the “democracy summit” hosted by the United States this week and thanked Washington and the host for the invitation.

Pakistan’s actions are seen as an attempt to appease its longtime ally China, which was not invited to the summit.

The administration of US President Joe Biden has invited 120 world leaders to attend the summit, which will be held in Washington next Wednesday and Thursday.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry said in a statement that “Pakistan will work bilaterally with the United States and the co-hosts of the summit to promote and strengthen democratic principles and values, and work to promote human rights and fight corruption.”

The ministry added that Pakistan values ​​its friendship with the United States, adding, “Under this Biden administration, that relationship has grown significantly. We remain committed to strengthening these relations for the sake of peace, stability and prosperity in the region.”

Pakistan did not participate in the 2021 summit – the first and only summit for democracy – amid growing tensions between the government of then Prime Minister Imran Khan and the United States.

Source: “AB”

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