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The United Nations General Assembly urges Russia to withdraw its forces from Ukraine on memory of the war

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The United Nations urged the withdrawal of russian forces from ukraine, in a vote held in the General Assembly on Thursday.

Although it is not binding, the vote in The largest United Nations body It is viewed as a global test of feelings on The war waged by Russia against Neighbor where conflict enters it second year.

Just six countries – Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea, Mali, Nicaragua and Syria – I voted against resolution, together with Russia.

In the General Assembly, 141 members voted in favor of The decision that reaffirms support for 7 opposed Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and 32 abstained, including China and India.

The resolution contains a file demand for Peace and Moscow’s withdrawal. It reaffirms a number of previously approved positions of the bodysuch as the territorial unit of Ukraine.

strong result Accusations of war can be countered fatigue and crumble support for Kyiv in some parts of the worldespecially those who are accredited on Russian fuel.

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