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Turkish First Lady Applauds UN Draft Resolution Addressing Islamophobia

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Turkey’s First Lady, Emine Erdogan, welcomed the inclusion of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) of the term Islamophobia in draft resolution, as a result of efforts of Turkish who said she tested positive step for Fight discrimination and racism.

In her tweet posted on Twitter , first said a lady move He’s promising development for Muslim communities and humanity As a whole.”

She continued, saying that the recognition of the United Nations of Islamophobia as a term will also Contribute to promotion fight against He. She.

“I hope that justice The victory of tolerance in Joe where countries considered heart of Democracy and freedom remain silent in the face of rising Mrs. Erdogan said.

the term Islamophobia was included after this initiative of Permanent Representative of Turkey of Turkiye to UNESCO, Gulnur Aybet.

Türkiye has taken concrete steps steps to process issue of Islamophobia in global Level and experts note that the country can lead others through institutionalization fight against the problem.

Turkish officials called incessantly on world Leaders to take action to stop demonetization of Muslims have been taking action to counter growth problem.

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