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Warnings Issued to Transnistrian Leader of Impending Terror Attack

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Tiraspol, March 9 – The press service of the President of the Moldavian Republic of Moldova, Vadim Krasnoselsky, said that he was immediately informed of the impending terrorist attack in Tiraspol and measures to prevent it.
Earlier on Thursday, the Transnistrian Ministry of State Security announced the prevention of a terrorist attack against officials of the PMR organization, which was being prepared under the direction of the Security Service of Ukraine. Those involved in preparing the attack were arrested and confessed.
President of the Pridnestrovian Republic of Moldova Vadim Krasnoselsky - 1920, 03/09/2023

The Pridnestrovian chief, against whom an assassination attempt was being prepared, continues to act

“The head of the PMR, Vadym Krasnoselsky, was immediately aware of the impending crime and the measures to prevent it,” the report said.
According to the press service, Krasnoselsky will make an appeal on Thursday to the residents of the republic “to promptly and fully inform the population about the attempt to carry out a terrorist act on the territory of Pridnestrovy and the measures taken to ensure the safety of citizens.”
Tiraspol - 1920, 09/03/2023

Pridnestrovian Foreign Minister spoke about the investigation of the terrorist attack in the republic

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