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First-ever Commemoration of Nakba Honored by Palestine and United Nations

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The Palestinians praised the United Nations’ decision To commemorate the Nakba or Nakba for the first time this year.

Saturday earlier media Reports indicated that the United Nations was planning to celebrate May 15, Nakba Day creation of the state of Israel in Historical Palestine for the first time in 2023.

The anniversary of the Nakba should be at the top of Our priorities in In order to preserve our narrative, which we must adhere to and transmit to the whole Palestinian world news The agency quoted Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as saying.

Abbas urged all Palestinians to commemorate the Palestinian tragedy of 1948 “To Face All the Lies” false Narratives that attempt to distort history And the facts.”

Palestinians celebrate Nakba Day annually on May 15th to remember the parcel of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from them homes and regions in 1948 after foundation of Israel.

What are the Palestinians everywhere required To do is to commemorate the tragedy, because it first time that global community “He does not deny the Nakba,” Abbas said.

“In these blessed days, we call on All we have people to stand together face the challenges facing Our cause, our land, our sanctities, and the focus of our compass on confronting the occupation and getting rid of it of he ” added.

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